Norton 500 1955

The history of the bike is not fully know as some of the previous owners are no longer with us ,but I believe the following to be close
The bike was originally raced by a short chap who had the seat mounting tubes lowered by about two inches so he could reach the ground more easily . When he stopped racing , the bike was stripped and after some years a friend of his bought the frame and built a bike which was registered as GAS 676 with the frame given a number of 1256 by the Vintage Motorcycle Club ltd. This was because of the racing history ,and that there was no Norton factory number to be found on the frame ,other that the steering head number identifying month and year of manufacture.. The original year of manufacture as quoted by the VMMC was 1955 ,and this is shown on the V5c with the frame number 1256 . 
When I bought the bike it had a very tired 500cc Engine with Iron head and barrel that need an full rebuild . I already had a 500 engine with alloy head and barrel built by Mike Pemberton ,so decided to fit it. I informed the DVLA of the new engine numbers and it is quoted in the V5C as 88588 ,so the V5C has all the correct details .
The frame was given to George Cohen  (but again unfortunately deceased due to illness ) , who had it rebuilt with all the correct Manx, retaining the number 1256 .Thus,it is fair to describe the frame as a Manx Replica and about 3 years old .
The Bike
Front Wheel : A 1956 Manx replica built by Dick Hunt as a completely new wheel and brake assembly . New rear tyre,tube and brake cable . All cables made by Venhill or Dorking 
Front forks : Completely rebuilt with most new parts ,using Manx Length stanchions and Manx yokes . Mudguard by Unity .

Frame : Light weight manx replica with minor mods for bracketry
Swing-arm : Lightweight Tony Burgess item with Manx bronze bushes ,about 5 years old .
Petrol tank Unity alloy item ,about six years old painted by Cycle Sprays in Cranleigh
Oil Tank: Made by Royton Road and Race using alloy ,painted by Cycle Sprays
Seat : Made to suit the bike ,upholstered by O'Rourke
Rear Wheel ; BSA road going conical hub modified to appear as a Manx , new rim tyre and tube .
Gearbox ;Close Ratio Manx gears with no kick start.
Primary Drive ; Bob Newby belt Drive ,plus modified Bob Newby Belt cover.
Gears Lever and brake lever; are unfinished due to adjustments and riding position . They can be finished off and treated with chrome plating .
Carburettor ;New VM32 Mikuni . Main Jet ,200;Pilot jet 35 ;Needle jet ,Q6 159;Needle ,6DP17;Throttle valve ,310 Main air Jet ,2.0;Needle Valve ,3.3
Exhaust system ;Made to fit bike , further tidying could be done 
The Whole bike has very few miles and while some of the parts had previously been used on other bikes ,they all have had very little use .
The above description is a comprehensive guide . The standard of presentation is second to none and really needs to be seen in the flesh to be appreciated . 
I will be happy to discuss the bike further with genuine buyers . Please avoid observational questions and what may or may not be right with my Norto

Norton 500 1955 Stunning example


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